Hallo everybody!!!

         After the successful Student Exchange program with Thailand, this time Mom Diana with Student Exchange leader and all colleagues of Student Exchange hold "English Gathering" program which was hold on 29 July 2018 at Purwodadi Botanical Garden. The event was attended by various schools such as SMA Advent Purwodadi, MA Sukorejo and SMA NEGERI 1 Lawang.


The event took place at 07.30, before they were at the counter for check in participants. After that they go to the field (place) that has been provided by the committee. They immediately join their group and make variations of the yells. After that they join together to do a flashmob together. After the flashmob, there was a welcome from Mom Yuani as the headmaster's representative. Then there is the socialization of Bimbel Quipper Video which provides door prize with a quiz. After that, they are directed to line up in groups to get to the posts with a variety of interesting games to gain value. There are 5 posts waiting for the participants.



       After going through various obstacles, they returned to their original place for lunch, on the sidelines of the meal there was a show of talent from each group that featured representatives.


Around 12:30 it's time to decide the winner of all competitions and be rewarded. After the announcement, it is now the time that the participants have been waiting for. That is "color run". So beautiful and festive everyone is happy and gained new knowledge.


Expectations from student representatives: "hopefully next year is getting crowded and festive".